Hello everyone.  Thanks for checking a little bit more about me.  My name is Marc.  I have been in internet marketing for a number of years now.  The first two years I tried internet marketing I tried to do it all on my own. Boy was that a mistake.  I think I earned a total of $15 in two years.

It was heartbreaking.  I thought you could simply set and forget a website.  Well it doesn’t really work that way.  You do actually need to do things to make them work.

Then one sleepless night I was doing some research online looking for a mentor.  I didn’t find a mentor, but instead I found a community to help me learn what it really takes to make money online.  After some trial and error, I actually made my first sale on a new site within 30 days.  That program was wealthy affiliate.  You can check out this site here for a great review of it.

That is was then and I continued to learn about how the entire web process worked.  From there I started a couple of website and even a membership site with a friend.  Boy was that a lot of work.

So as I said I have worked in membership sites and even matrix programs.  They are not easy to work with in many cases.  While membership sites are great profit earners, it is very difficult to make them just like you like them.  Then I ran across EverLesson 2.0.  If I had this in some of my other membership programs I couldn’t image how much easier it would have been.

This program has everything anyone could want and more.  From there I decided to set up this simple little site to help share it to the world.  I hope it can answer all of your questions about the program and everything it has to offer.

I believe you will see just how much of a value it really is.

You can always contact me by filling out the form on the contact page.

Thanks again!



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